MMH 2019


Seville, 23 November 2018. – Javier Targhetta, CEO of Atlantic Copper, will be Mining and Minerals Hall (MMH) new commissioner. MMH is an international meeting of the mining sector which will hold its third edition at Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre (FIBES) from 15 to 17 October 2019. Targhetta was appointed commissioner after the recent death of Francisco Moreno, who was founder and honorary president of the Association of Research, Extraction, Mining-Metallurgic Transformation, Auxiliary and Service Companies (AMINER) and MMH commissioner for the first two editions of this event of the mining sector. The top executive of the copper smelter and refinery located in Huelva, one of the main companies of the sector in Europe, took part in the official presentation of the event this morning, along with Natalia González, general director of Industry, Energy and Mines (Junta de Andalucía); and Jesús Rojas, FIBES Managing Director. During the ceremony, the new features, contents and activities programmed for the third edition were presented.

This edition will be marked by the beginning of a new phase, driven by the change in the event’s name: Metallic Mining Hall has given way to Mining and Minerals Hall, with the purpose of becoming a comprehensive meeting which includes the entire mining sector where other fields can have their own place, such as industrial mining, relevant in Andalucía, as well as in Spain and Europe. This broader scope is also geographical as MMH third edition will also foster the internationalization of this key sector for the economy and whose activity has a significant impact in many countries in terms of wealth and employment generation. Consequently, attracting investment, both national and international, will be one of the main aims of the organizers.

However, Mining and Minerals Hall will keep the format of its consolidation, in only two editions, as the reference meeting point of the mining sector worldwide, with the participation of the main mining industries and a substantial representation of its complementary network. Thus, it will offer, on the one hand, an exhibition area to encourage business networking to generate agreements and synergies among participating companies

On the other hand, MMH will go on with its vocation of becoming the main top-level forum of knowledge, bringing together all the stakeholders of the mining sector: extraction companies, auxiliary companies, public institutions and universities. Under the meeting’s general motto “Technological Trends in Mining”, its scientific conference will focus on four broad areas of discussion: environmental liability restoration, underground mining, metallurgical mining and exploration. Accordingly, a new Scientific Committee has been appointed, led by Rafael Pérez-Quevedo, who will be in charge of establishing the event’s technical programme.  

Organized by FIBES and AMINER and promoted by Junta de Andalucía, MMH closed its 2017 edition with 130 exhibiting companies, around 800 professionals of the mining sector and more than 11,000 visitors.

A career linked to the industrial activity

Javier Targhetta (Madrid, 1948) graduated in Mining Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (1971) and also graduated in Company Management from IESE Business School (University of Navarre, 1987). After finishing his studies with training periods in Germany and England, he began his professional career in the metallurgical field, joining the AIPSA R&D project in Huelva, supported by Explosivos Rio Tinto and Tharsis groups.

At the end of 1973, he joined the engineering company Sereland, where he stayed for eight years, as the Industrial Division manager in the last two years. In 1981, he began a nine-year period in the shipping industry by joining Ruiz Velasco’s company, of which he was general manager from 1983. In 1985, he became president of Elcano S.A. National Company, the leading Spanish shipping company at that time. In April 1989, he was also appointed president of Compañía Trasatlántica Española (Spanish Line), combining both presidencies until he joined, in December 1990, Atlantic Copper, a leading company in copper production in Europe, as its CEO. In 1992, he combined his duties in Atlantic Copper with those of first executive of Fertiberia. In 1993, after Freeport-McMoRan (Phoenix, USA) acquired 100% of Atlantic Copper, Targhetta was confirmed in the position that he still holds at present. As well, in June 2005, he was appointed Marketing & Sales vice-president of Freeport group worldwide, a position that he combines with his duties in Atlantic Copper.

Among other additional responsibilities, Javier is at present vice-president commissioner of P.T. Smelting (Indonesia); ad-honorem professor at the Technical University of Madrid; president of FORTIA, electric power trading company formed by 17 large industrial Spanish companies; vice-president of CONFEDEM (Spanish Confederation of Mining and Metallurgy Companies); member of the management board of MAXAM, one of the leading manufacturers of civilian explosives worldwide; member of the high-level advisory committee of Spanish Engineering and of the advisory committee of the Higher Technical School of Mining and Energy Engineering in Madrid. He was a member of the management boards of Asturiana de Zinc (1998-2005), Duro Felguera (1995-2000), Compañía General de Carbones (1995-2000), The Britannia Steamship Protection & Indemnity Club Ltd (1987-1990) and Unión Asturiana Estibadora (1982-1985). He was president of AEGE (Spanish Association of Companies with Large Energy Consumption) until June 2008 and from 2007 to October 2011, he was president of Eurometaux (European Association of Metal Producers).

Towards a scientific programme which closely is linked to technology

Rafael Pérez-Quevedo is the new president of MMH Scientific Committee. He is a graduate in mining engineering from the Higher Technical School of Mining Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid.

He has been Project and Service manager of the Integrated Environmental Quality Management Division of EGMASA (Environmental Management Company), public institution that belongs to the Junta de Andalucía’s Department of Environment and Territory for 15 years. Before that, he was involved in institutions engaged in construction and demolition waste management, solid urban or industrial waste management, as well as sewage treatment technologies.

He has been an adviser to the dean and president of the Mining Engineering Association of the South of Spain and has been a member of its Governing Body since 2011. He has also been general coordinator of the XIVth International Congress on Energy and Mineral Resources and of Slope Stability 2018, both held in Seville last April.